Main Activities

  • Workshop on the preservation of plant genetic resources, organized on 24.05.2013 in Tirana, with participants engaged in the protection of genetic resources. The Deputy Minister of Environment, Mr. Sajmir Hoxha participated and addressed the meeting.

  • Conference on the protection of plant genetic resources as protection of the biodiversity’, held in Tirana on 16 January 2014 with the participation of professors and researchers of the universities, managers and specialists of the Centers of Agricultural Technology Transfer, administrators of plant resources, representatives of environmental associations, seed producers, Masters students and PhD candidates, representatives of the responsible institutions. The Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Administration, Mr. Jani Babi attended the conference and discussed.

  • Participation of the association in the European conference on the medicinal and aromatic plants (The Association for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Southeast European Countries (AMAPSEEC) that was held in Tirana on 19-22, May 2014.