Activity Fields

1. To raise awareness of the farmers on the importance of the conservation and use of the autochthonous varieties as a very important element for sustainable development.

2. To organize activities to raise the awareness of the breeders, seed producers, specialists and farmers.

3. To contact and coordinate its work with the governmental agencies or local authorities in order to preserve and protect the varieties of special value.

4. To provide technical assistance in the field of genetic improvement, testing the varieties, seed production and certification of seeds and seedlings.

5. To provide technical and legal assistance in the field of plant genetic resources protection and the breeder’s right.

6. To develop trainings for solving the problems conducted associated with the creation of the varieties, production and certification of seeds and seedlings and the protection of plant breeder’s right.

7. To conduct field and laboratory studies to evaluate the varieties.

8. To carry out the testing of seeds for quality and vital indicators and the identification of the varieties as well as the certification of seeds and seedlings in conformity with the laws and rules of the Albanian state or the international ones.

9. Participation in associations, forums and national and international activities related to the field of seeds and seedlings.

10. Conducting studies and compilation of projects for the development of seed and organic products industry.

11. Promoting the cultivation of autochthonous varieties and the production of organic agricultural products.

12. To promote, to monitor and encourage the implementation of the conventions and other international acts in the interests of use and protection of the varieties.

13. To cooperate with other similar organizations within the country and in other countries to implement the recommendations and legal acts for the protection of plant genetic resources.

14. To undertake initiatives to fulfill the Albanian legislation by promoting programs in support of the biodiversity preservation.

15. Setting-up of activities for the evaluation of the distinguished personalities in the production of seeds and seedlings as well as promoting young specialists and farmers distinguished in this area.

16. Publication of the association’s activities and the studies in media, in newsletters and on web site of the association.