About APGR

The Association of Plant Genetic Resources is an Albanian organization focused on the protection and sustainable use of plant genetic resources and the integration of this system in EU networks. On this web site you can find information, studies, reports and statistical data in the field of our activity.


APGR (Association of Plant Genetic Resources), is a non-profit organization created in 2010, by a group of professors and experts in the field of agriculture and plant genetics.

The goal of this organization is to raise the awareness of the society, the policy makers and the farmers on the importance of recognition, preservation and use of the autochthonous plant varieties as an important element for sustainable development and a safe instrument to increase the benefits for its users and the whole society. To achieve this objective, the organization is based on a close collaboration with participants from the scientific research and academic fields, as well as with farmers and other partners operating in this field.

During its first years, APGR has carried out many activities to gather information on the situation of autochthonous plant resources nationwide, to study the rate of erosion and their disappearance as well as the level of the engagement of the communities and other local authorities to protect them. Representatives of the organization have held meetings in different areas of the country to sensitize the communities to protect lots of very rare and specific plant species for our country and as a national asset of special values.

In 2013, its activity was expanded and intensified, thanks to the support of a project by REC Albania out of the Grants Program “Supporting the Environmental Organizations of the Civil Society in Albania – SENiOR-A “, of the Swedish Government.

Although relatively new, APGR is a known and active organization in the whole country in this field and has established close cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment, the National Center of the Genetic Resources and other organizations operating in the field of biodiversity.

In various meetings with decision-making bodies, from its side, APGR has presented different proposals to improve the treatment of the plant genetic resources in our country.